New To Canada

Mortgages for People New to Canada

If you are new to Canada and you’re ready to buy a home, we can help get the right mortgage to finance your home purchase. New to Canada mortgages are available to borrowers with a permanent and non-permanent residence status.

The type of mortgage you will qualify for, and what documentation you’ll need to provide, will depend on:

  • your resident status,
  • your credit rating and history, and
  • how much your down payment is.

Basically, if you have permanent resident status and a strong credit rating, you may be able to qualify for a typical mortgage. Banks will consider a variety of ways to help establish creditworthiness including 12 months utility bills or a credit report or bank letter of reference from your country of origin.

If you do not have a well-established credit history in Canada but you meet other eligibility requirements you may still be able to obtain a mortgage through various private lenders that offer special mortgage programs designed for newcomers. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) also offers financing programs for borrowers with permanent and non-permanent residence status.

As newcomers to Canada, you and your family have unique needs. I will help you find the best rates and best mortgage options to help you buy your first home in Canada.

As your mortgage specialist I can:

  • Offer advice on your down payment
  • Help you complete your mortgage pre-approval
  • Guide you through Canada’s home-buying and mortgage process
  • Explain your financing options and help you save money
  • Refer you to a realtor to help you find a home


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