Attainable Housing, Wasaga Beach Community Matters & More

Wasaga Beach residents are invited to join Around the Piano, a Live & Interactive monthly broadcast shot from the Stonebridge Art Gallery. Attend in-person from the Art Gallery, or remotely via zoom for discussions about Real Estate, Community Matters and more, with leaders and influencers from the Town of Wasaga Beach, and beyond.

Conceived by David Grossman, the inaugural episode of Around the Piano was hosted by town residents David Grossman and Gerry Hogenhout on Feb 21st 2023, and the recording can be viewed at

Counsellor Ellen Timms presented the new council’s vision for the future and strategic pillars for change. The pillars include Complete Living in fifteen-minute neighborhoods, inclusivity, economic opportunities including job creation, excellence in customer service/governance and leadership in responding to climate change. To view the interview with Counsellor Timms, fast forward the video to the 2 minute, 35 second mark.  For more information, contact Counselor Timms at

Laura LaChapelle, Program Director, Making Change and Artistic Director and Drama Teacher at the Town of Wasaga Beach, talked about her life in the theatre and experience growing up in a small town. February was Black History month and Making Change organized a Mosaic of Black Culture event which took place in a number of locations around Simcoe, including Wasaga Beach on Feb 25th. The event featured live steel pan music, a make your own steel pan craft and an overview of Black History from a local Canadian perspective. The Wasaga Beach event was organized together with the Wasaga Beach Public Library. To view the interview with Laura LaChapelle, fast forward to 40 minute, 45 second mark. For more information about Making Change, visit

Jonathan Weaver, from Twin Springs Cottage Condo Community, talked about his creative “attainable housing” community, an all year round campground where buyers can purchase attractive tiny homes more affordably than traditional real estate. To view the interview with Jonathan, fast forward to the 15 minute, 7 second mark. For more information visit

Several members of the community, including Counselor Joe Belanger, Colleen Bannerman, Treasurer of the Wasaga Society for the Arts, Chris Stasoff from Elm Developments and Roger Gray from Exit Realty approached the piano to contribute to the conversation.

Gerry Hogenhout CPA, talked about the benefits of incorporating, how he works with clients in doing a cost-benefit analyse when to decide whether to incorporate, and his bid to assemble a group of lifestyle investors to purchase a nineteen unit condo building in the Dominican Republic. To view this interview, fast forward to the 1 hour and 9 minute mark. For more information, email

David Grossman, Mortgage Broker, talked about what to do if your mortgage comes up for renewal and you can’t afford to make the payments because of currently high rates. Options include asking the bank for an extension at your current rate, moving into a line of credit, a reverse mortgage or refinancing altogether. To view this segment, fast forward to the 54 minutes, 10 second mark. For more information, contact David Grossman at 416 876 2031 or visit

The Stonebridge Art Gallery, run by the Wasaga Society for the Arts, is located 1 Market Lane, Suite 8 (above Century 21 office) in the Stonebridge Town Centre, Wasaga Beach and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – FREE ADMISSION – every Thursday and Saturday until March 25, 2023, 1:00 PM TIL 4:00 PM. For more information visit

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Written by David Grossman

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