Should You Pay Down Your Mortgage? Investing Passively in Real Estate

Around The Beach – A Business Broadcast with Host & Mortgage Broker David Grossman

September 8th 2023 was a special day in Wasaga Beach as many friends gathered to honour the life of Jane Cubitt who passed earlier this year from ALS, and help raise funds for ALS Canada. It was also the second anniversary date of Jane’s first skydive, and the launch of the fundraising campaign which has succeeded in raising many thousands of dollars for ALS Canada.

Prior to a gathering that took place at The Beach Bar in Wasaga Beach, which included a full day of live music, karaoke, DJ, silent auction, and presentations (skydiving at Sky Dive Wasaga Beach was delayed due to cloud cover), David Grossman, host of Around the Beach ran his usual business broadcast from The Beach Bar in Wasaga Beach. The bar is owned by none other than David Cubitt, husband of Jane Cubitt, and David’s business partner Peter Wilkins.

Grossman spoke to David Cubitt about the 2023 opening of The Beach Bar and the fundraising campaign. Cubitt and Wilkins are also the founders of Beach One Cerveza and the Wasaga Beach Brewing Company.

During the broadcast, Grossman also spoke with Gerry Hogenhout, CPA, about whether you should invest your money if you have extra funds, or if you should use it to pay down your mortgage. The pair also spoke about investing passively in real estate, the tax advantages of investing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), investing in the exempt market space, and much more.

Host of the Around the Beach broadcast and Wasaga Beach resident, David Grossman, is also a mortgage broker and musician.

For more information, call David at 416 876 2031

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