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The Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Mortgage (for Self Employed)

Especially Good for Self Employed Borrowers

We have had great weather this summer and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over! If you’ve taken some time off to enjoy the summer holidays, have you started thinking about how you’re going to manage getting back into your Fall routine? Will you do anything differently in your business this Fall? (more…)

Real Estate Investment Collage

Rental Properties: How Much Down Payment do you Need?

To answer this question, the first thing we need to know is whether the property residential or commercial. (more…)

self-employed mortgages

How Much (Self Employed) Income Should You Report, Part II

I recently wrote about why, if you’re self employed, you should not hesitate to claim all your legitimate expenses and not worry about reporting a higher net income for mortgage qualifying purposes. I’m pleased to say I had a lot of good feedback on the article. If you haven’t read it, but would like to, click here to read the article now. (more…)

property equity

How To Take Equity Out Of Your Property

There are a number of reasons why people want to take equity out of their properties. The exercise of removing equity from your property is known as a “mortgage refinance” or an “ETO/equity take out”. Some of the most common reasons people want to take equity out of their properties are to: (more…)


Dealing with Hard to Place Refinances, Including “Bundle” 1st & 2nd Mortgages

A recent CIBC Capital Markets report has been circulating, saying the number of mortgages that will need to be refinanced this year is up substantially from the 25 to 35 per cent range in a typical year, to a whopping 47% this year. (more…)

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What a Creative Mortgage Broker Does (and Doesn’t Do)

To this day it amazes me that some people think that a mortgage broker’s job is to help create fake documents. If you’re self employed and you don’t report enough income to qualify for the mortgage you want, you can just call a mortgage broker and s/he will create the documents you need, right? WRONG! (more…)

multi-family investing

Take Your Real Estate Portfolio the Next Level with Multifamily Investing

In the last while, investors who own many small rental properties/single family homes, have noticed that the banks have started becoming very tight when it comes to lending. (more…)


How To Get Construction Financing

We handle 1st & 2nd Residential, Commercial, Land, Construction & Self Employed Mortgages. Credit Issues OK. Private Money. Ask about Investing in Mortgages 

If you need a construction mortgage, here are some of the things our lenders consider to be most important: (more…)

self-employed mortgages

How Much (Self Employed) Income Should You Report and Still be able to Qualify for a Mortgage

A common question I get from people who are self employed – “how much income should I report and still be able to get a mortgage”? An common scenario self employed people (more…)

No Payments till 2028 with this Mortgage

No Payments till 2028 with this Mortgage

No Payments. Don’t pay a cent. No money down. You’ve heard every pitch when it comes to selling furniture, appliances or TV’s. But don’t pay a cent on your mortgage? That’s a new one, don’t you think?! (more…)