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The Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Mortgage (for Self Employed)

Especially Good for Self Employed Borrowers

We have had great weather this summer and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over! If you’ve taken some time off to enjoy the summer holidays, have you started thinking about how you’re going to manage getting back into your Fall routine? Will you do anything differently in your business this Fall?

Especially if you’re self employed, it’s crucial that you are constantly innovating to stay ahead of your competition. In any event, it can get boring doing the same thing over and over again. I think it’s fun to change things up once in a while, don’t you? It makes life interesting!

I’ll share something personal with you because it’s sometimes nice to know a bit about the people you work with, and also, it will help to make my point about changing things up. I enjoy singing and playing guitar, and for several months now, I have been hosting a biweekly open mic at a grand venue, an old schoolhouse in Richmond Hill – Covernotes Coffee –  located on Yonge St. next to the Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre.

Until last week we only welcomed musicians to perform, but recently we decided to open the stage to comedians, poets and storytellers as well. Coincidentally, a young comedian by the name of David Jeji showed up at our open mic last Saturday afternoon, who hadn’t seen any of our advertisements. He asked if we would lend him our stage to do a stand-up comedy routine. We happily obliged and he was a big success! It goes to show you, when you open to change at the right time, you may sometimes be rewarded with instant success!

If you’d like to visit one of our open mics either as a performer or an audience member, check out our Facebook group: fb.me/OurAcousticOpenMic for more information. Our next open mic on Sep 8th from 12 – 4 pm at Covernotes Coffee. All  are welcome.  “Like” our page on Facebook to automatically receive updates.

You may be wondering what does any of this have to do with mortgages, and more specifically the Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Mortgage referenced in this article title. Let me explain.

As I specialize in arranging mortgages for self employed borrowers, I’d like to take this opportunity to share information about just two great mortgage products for self employed people.

The first product is the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). As most businesses are cyclical in nature, the HELOC allows you do pay down your mortgage during your best and, if necessary, re-advance in the slower months. The second mortgage product, the Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Mortgage, is an absolutely incredible mortgage product for self employed people. With this mortgage, no tax returns or notice of assessments are needed. Further, self employed borrowers are typically able to qualify for larger loan amounts than they would otherwise because our exclusive lenders look at top line revenue first, rather than bottom line. For all your mortgage needs, call me today at 416 876 2031, even if you are still Sitting on the Dock of the Bay enjoying the last days summer – don’t delay!

David Grossman MBA

Loan Central Canada, Managing Partner

RMA, Lic. #10464

Tel. 416 876 2031

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