The Therapy of Walking, written by David Grossman

“Simpler is almost always better.”

If you want to maintain a basic level of fitness in your life, which in my view, is all you really need to live a healthy lifestyle, I am convinced that fitness clubs, gyms and personal trainers (the fitness industry at large) is mostly unnecessary, unless you are training for a particular sporting event.

I have walked on and off for a number of years and I feel that the health benefits of walking, simply walking, are essentially all one really needs to live a healthy life, and a long life too (with some luck). 

While it’s true there are many healthy physical activities, and walking is of course not only way to attain a good level of fitness, it’s benefits are considerable, and worth talking about.

  1. Walking is healing in that it provides a constant massage to many of your essential organs. Your liver, kidneys, intestines, large muscle groups, lower back and all of your back, are all simply moved repetitively while walking. Your heart rate goes up, your lymph nodes exercised. If you pay close enough attention to your body while walking, it will tell you how to correct, optimize posture and flow. Your body will tell you whether to speed up and or slow down while walking.
  2. Walking is also a low-cost form of exercise. All you need is the street, warm clothing if it’s cold out and a decent pair of shoes or boots. In the summer, walk early in the day if there’s a heat wave, and wear sun block if you’re exposed to the sun.
  3. Drink a lot of water. (Drinking a lot of water is something you should always be doing anyways.)
  4. Breathe, and take time out to breathe some more.
  5. Walking is good for your mental health also, as a healthy body is important for good mental health.
  6. If you have sustained an injury, as I did two weeks ago while shoveling snow in Northern Ontario, rest and stretching is also important; just don’t overstretch!

Simpler is almost always better. To your health!!!

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